How to save/restore your data

Go to the Settings -> User option. You will see a "Cloud Save" and "Cloud Restore". Using these options allow you to transfer your user profile from one device to another. The following data is saved:

  • Current tickets and powerballs

  • Which tables are unlocked

  • All the brix checkpoints

  • All the unlocked mods

  • Your achievements progress

Note: You must manually save your progress before you can restore it - either on a single device or a different device. Be careful to save before a manual hardware reset or transferring to a new phone.

The game is skipping frames for a couple of seconds and then goes back to normal

On some setup involving multiple screens or an external screen, you might have this problem. To solve it, go to Settings->Video and turn VSync off.


Version 1.7.5

- [Android] Added a confirmation on the pause menu options to Restart or Quit to menu to avoid tapping them by mistake (due to soft buttons)

- The blocking gate in the Saloon in Wild West won't raise on top of the ball anymore

- [Android] Restoring data from the Cloud will no longer forget which tables you owned

- On Space Frontier, the view will not consider balls that are locked (it will scroll to the top of the table)

- When the timer runs out in Blitz Mode, the flipper will now freeze and let the ball(s) in play drain, allowing you to get end of ball bonuses

- Fixed a bug where the ball would always follow the same path when coming out of capture holes on Fastball

- Fixed a problem with multiple balls entering the left outlane at the same time with mod Wormhole Lock active

- Fixed a bug on Wild West where a locked ball on the right outlane would prevent proper scrolling

- Upgrading the game engine to the newest version. This represent a large number of changes under the hood.

- Optimized the game room

- Wild West: The shootout will now correctly show the number of bandits hit

- Space Frontier: the antimatter ball will not trigger the skillshot anymore and will not get the bonus from hitting a locked ball

- Brix: Rebalanced levels above 35. The difficulty was too lumpy

- Brix: Lowered the increase in ball speed by level by a tad

- [PC] Experimental support for controller vibration

- [IOS] Device vibration support

- Treasure Hunter: fixed a bug with Deep Dive

- Daily Events: fixed a problem when starting a game without internet connection.

- Treasure Hunter: slight time bump on the Jellyfish Swarm and Shark Survivor timed mode.

- Fastball: fixed a bug that made it impossible to complete the Inning challenge

- Upgraded to Google Play Games 0.9.50

- Support for phone notches

- [Android] Experimental feature: option to use a different audio system to eliminate the latency on some Android devices (particularly Samsung)

- Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze for a frame when the matrix changed

- Potential fix for a problem arising when draining the ball and nudging at the same time

- Fastball: changed the top left flipper area to make the ball a bit harder to control

- Apparatus: fixed a bug on ramp in 2A where the ball would stay on the ramp and drain

- Brix: the hole at the end of each level has a larger attraction radius

- Wild West: changed the strength of the right outlane pin. It will not send in right between the flippers anymore

- Fixed an issue that would prevent a new ball from being added at the plunger after a drain