A flippin' good time.



Players have loved the classic pinball play of Pinball Deluxe since 2011.  The new Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded combines that cool retro game with some new twists: you can customize your tables for instance. Download it on your phone or tablet for a flippin’ good time!



Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded is cool retro pinball game with customizable tables. Discover powerballs. Collect "mods." Test your pinball skills on six different tables:
     Explore the galaxy in "Space Frontier"
     Over 50 levels of brick breaking in "Brix"
     Play in reverse gravity in the Mirror House at the "Carnival"
     Be a sheriff in "Wild West" and run the bandits out of town
     Dive to the bottom of the sea in "Treasure Hunter"
     See how many runs you can score in "Fastball"

Go for the high score with Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded and relive the good old days of the arcade. Explore the unique play style on each table. Will you be able to unlock all the mini-games and beat the wizard modes? Use mods to customize the table to your skills to score big. PD:R will reward your quick reflexes with plenty of action and also trophies for your exploits with the silver ball.

Things to love about Pinball Deluxe:
- Table customization
- Award winning table design
- Precise physics
- Wow graphics
- Mini-games on the matrix display
- Unique play style on each table
- Powerballs
- Online multiplayer mode
- Fun challenges and achievements





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