Howdy, pardner. As the new sheriff in these parts, you have a lot of work to do to bring law and order to the frontier towns.

Hitting targets to round up the cows at the Jackson Ranch is the easy part. A shoot out mini-game at the Bandit Hideout might be a little trickier, but at least you can finish your day racking up points at the Saloon.



  • 3 balls per game

  • Autosave for balls lost before reaching 20K or 25 seconds

  • Score 7M points to earn an extra ball

  • Slingshots score 1K points each hit


  • Gates score 703 points each spin


  • Light all 3 to score 40K

  • Light them all 3 times and score 250K


  • Shoot the ball with perfect aim to hit the target on launch: score 250K points


  • Slow or quick draw doesn’t matter – each target hit scores 2K points

  • Light all targets in the top left set: score 20K and reopen access to Jackson Ranch

  • Light both targets in the right set: score 15K and reopen access to the right pin that saves the ball from draining

  • Light the entire target set in the Saloon: score 27.5K and open the Secret Exit

  • Light all targets in the center set: score 20K


  • Want to increase your firepower in the Wild West? Activate the Multiplier to earn 2X, 3X, 4X or even 5X regular points for bumpers, targets, captures, gates, ramps, slingshots, mission and bandits.

  • Trigger the Multiplier by lighting all 3 rollovers at the top. Proceed to a higher multiplier by doing it again.

  • Resets to 1X on lost ball


  • Each deposit into the Bank capture adds 50K points and another ball into play.

  • Increase the point balance by 200K with the Bank Multiball Bonus with one more capture after the two stars are lit.


  • The barrel starts to spin when the ball rolls over it.

  • Each bumper hit makes the barrel spin faster.

  • Barrel stops on lost ball.


  • Each capture scores 20K

  • A fourth capture when all 3 stars are lit adds a star to the Bank capture, the Jackson Ranch and the Bandit Hideout capture.

  • Access to the hole closes after each capture. Reopen access with 5 bumper hits.


  • There’s no chance of losing the ball in the Saloon but lots of opportunity to earn points – always a welcome break from wrangling cows and corralling bandits.

  • Take the right ramp or shortcut through the Bank to enter the Saloon.

  • Light all the Saloon targets to score 27.5K and open the Secret Exit.

  • Slip out through the Secret Exit to earn 250K.

  • Use the Secret Exit 6 times and trigger Saloon Mode.

    • Saloon bumpers score 10x normal during the mode.

    • Resets on lost ball.

    • Saloon letters light up to show progress towards triggering.



It’s udder chaos when the cows escape from Jackson Ranch, but a good chance to score.

  • Each capture at Jackson Ranch scores 50K and lights up a star.

  • A third capture when both stars are lit lets the cows out.

  • Hit the blinking target, find a cow. Each found cow scores 150K. Round up all 4 and score an additional 250K. Holy cow!



Saddle up and hit the trail to complete missions throughout the Wild West.

  • Score 150K points for every completed Map Mission.

  • Select a mission with a hit to the center target bank.

  • Check the map –the lit town indicates the currently selected mission.

  • Each town provides a different challenge to complete.

  • Travel over the horses on the top ramp to trigger the selected mission.


Santa Fe

  • Get the Multiplier.

Grand Junction

  • Belly up to the bar and hit the saloon bumpers 20 times.


  • Walk through the swinging front doors into the Saloon, but then open and sneak out the Secret Exit.


  • Hit the main bumpers 10 times


Nuevo Laredo

  • Capture the ball 1 time in each of the 4 holes on the table.



  • Make 3 trips over the ramps. Any combo of the 2 ramps will complete the mission



Complete each map mission to trigger a trip to the big city.

Hit 20 targets in 90 second to score 20M points.


Ride the ramps like crazy for extra points.

  • Total either +5 or -5 to earn the Crazy Rider designation and earn 2M points.

  • Travel over the horses onto the top ramp to earn +1 towards the Crazy Rider.

  • Go through the ramp to the saloon to get -1 towards the Crazy Rider.

  • Pluses and minuses net against each other.

  • Crazy Rider lights show your progress: green is net positive and red is net negative.


Too many run ins with bandits always turns into a shootout.

  • Each capture at the Bandit Hideout scores 50K and lights up a star.

  • An additional capture while the 3 stars are lit triggers a showdown.

  • There are some hitches with the stars, because bandits are tricky that way:

    • No stars/showdowns awarded during multiball modes.

    • Stars extinguish and reset on lost ball.

  • In a shootout, you need to be a quick draw, but also patient:

    • Watch the timer box in the upper right corner – when it fills up, the sheriff shoots.

    • Move the sheriff with right and left taps to be in front of a bandit when he shoots.

  • Each shot bandit scores 25K.

  • The shootout lasts 30 seconds.


If you secure a lot of captures, you can make that sheriff’s badge positively twinkle.


  • Stars mode

    • adds another ball into play AND

    • increases captures to 500K points instead of 50K.

  • Get 16 stars from captures anywhere in the west to trigger the mode.

  • Hash marks display your progress.

  • Stars mode scoring continues until you lose all the balls in play.