Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded is a cool retro pinball game with customizable tables.
Discover powerballs. Collect “mods”. Test your pinball skills on twelve different tables:

Explore the galaxy in “Space Frontier”
Over 50 levels of brick breaking in “Brix”
Play in reverse gravity in the Mirror House at the “Carnival”
Be a sheriff in “Wild West” and run the bandits out of town
Dive to the bottom of the sea in “Treasure Hunter”
See how many runs you can score in “Fastball”

It is a follow-up to the successful Pinball Deluxe launched many years ago. A flippin’ good time!

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The story for Pinball Deluxe starts in 2009 with the release of the first ever version on Blackberry. It was very well received and won a Best Game of the Year award that year.

After that, the game got ported over to Android and four more tables were created: classic Wild West; an underwater exploration featuring an incredibly long table; a space-based table; and finally Brix, which is a mash-up of brick breaking and pinball. The game launched in 2010 and immediately took off. It was very exciting to get over the 1 million downloads threshold in those days and so we decided to keep improving the game. Another table was added later on, a baseball-themed table named Fastball.

Over the years, it has been downloaded over 7 million times and is still played regularly by many. All that time the game was only available on Blackberry and Android so in 2013 we decided to make a new version that would be available on all mobile platforms and hopefully on PC/Mac as well. Thus was born Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded.

All the tables got a fresh coat of paint, the rules were extended, the physics re-written. It has been a big project. Also, there was a desire to do something more with pinball beyond the traditional tables. We played with the idea of being able to customize the tables, but how to do it in a simple way? So we opted for the players to be able to pick and choose from certain advance scoring options and mini-games to play with. They are called Mods and allow players to customize the tables based on their preferences or play style.

Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded is coming out late in 2016 and there is a lot more planned for 2017 as we will be releasing more tables, special events and more customization options.


Iphone mockup showing pinball deluxe
12 unique tables each with a different play style
Table customization with Mods
Award winning table design
Precise physics
Great graphics and sound effects (partially made by Power Up Audio)
Online versus multiplayer mode
Challenges and achievements
Google Play Games and Game Center support
Available on mobile and PC


Developer: Made of Bits based in Whistler, BC, Canada

Founding Date: Starting making mobile games under the name GreenCod in 2009, the studio was incorporated November 18th, 2011

Press/Business Contact: adb@madeofbits.com

Other Original Games: Pinball Deluxe (Android, Blackberry), Traffic Mania (Blackberry), Road Mania (Blackberry), Bad Traffic (Android, iOS, WP8)