Hello there, Captain. Are you looking to explore space? Want to conduct missions from the Space Station? Yes? How would you like to fly at warp speed? To mine asteroids for valuable space ore? Maybe even make some new alien friends?

Brilliant! Step aboard and you will be on your way to explore the final frontier. Don't forget to pack your red shirt!



  • 3 balls per game
  • Autosave for balls lost before reaching 40k or 22 seconds
  • Slingshots score 1K each hit

End of ball bonus:

  • Each completed Mission earns you 250K points
  • Each ramp will get you 100K points

Unless you were a space cowboy and flew 2 Inner Gravity Loops in a row to activate the Multiplier, and then you score a lot more! Each pair of Inner Gravity Loops will bump you up a Multiplier, max of a 6x.


  • Will save the ball from draining when active
  • Gets deactivated each time a ball is saved
  • Re-activate kickback: hit all orange targets


  • Will save the ball from draining when active
  • Gets deactivated each time a ball is saved
  • Re-activate kickback: hit both yellow targets on the bottom right


  • Execute a perfect takeoff and hit the target on launch: score 250K points


  • Ready your blasters and fire at Targets to bump up your score
  • Points per target: 8K


  • Hit both yellow targets on the bottom right: score 35K and reset right kickback
  • Hit all 3 green targets at the top: score 35K and add 5K to that number each subsequent time you hit all 3 (max 100K). Resets on lost ball.
  • Strike the standalone target in the center:
    • A precision shot with a direct hit from the flipper: score 250K
    • Any other hit on it: score 10K
  • Hit all 7 orange targets on the left: score 75K and reset left kickback


  • Set your phasers for something stronger than stun if you want to earn a multiball.  One shield blocks the hole to start. Blast through it, then shoot the ball into the hole. Two more shields will pop up. Hit those shields until you get through. 2x capture triggers the multiball.
  • Each capture is also worth 50K


Light all 5 to score 200K

LOWER LEFT PIN (the far left)

Activates the Space Station so that you can conduct Missions.


Did you conduct the LOCK Mission to light up “LOCK” before exploring the outlane capture? If the LOCK light is lit, the ball will lock in place on the capture.  Otherwise, the ball is kicked back out.



This isn’t an all expenses paid luxury cruise through space. You need to mine asteroids for ore, fill up the cargo hold (to 30%, 60% or 100%) and then sell the ore to fund your exploration.

Keep an eye on the Mining Gauge to see the level of cargo you have mined.

  • Increase the level by hitting Bumpers.
    • Each Bumper has three states, denoted by the light on each of them: Off, On and Blinking
    • Each time the ball makes an orbit around the Big Loop , a random Bumper’s status advances.
    • Bumpers reset to lights off on lost ball.


Off: 10K per hit and 0.5 notch Gauge increase
On: 20K per hit and 1.0 notch Gauge increase
Blinking: 35K per hit and 1.5 notch Gauge increase


  • Capture the ball in any kickout hole in the Wormhole Cargo Lane to sell the mined cargo.
  • Your commission for sales in the Wormhole Cargo Lane will score you big points:
    • 300K (lowest)
    • 600K (middle)
    • 1M (toughest)
  • The Mining Gauge resets on cargo sales or a lost ball.




Fancy flying through the ramps and loops pays off big time


  • score 100K end-of-ball bonus per Ramp
  • 50 ramps: lights extra ball
  • 100+ ramp: score 2M for each additional Ramp

BIG LOOP (around the top)

  • Score 50K points


  • Score 100K points for a single loop. For consecutive loops, scores 100K-500K-900K-1.3M-1.7M-2M. Max 2M.
  • Two consecutive small loops bumps up your end-of-ball bonus multiplier.


The Wormhole Cargo Lane is not just the marketplace to sell your cargo of ore, it is also a place to score lots of points.

  • Bottom hole
    • Score 300K + 100K per repeat, max 1M
  • Second hole
    • Score 500K + 100K per repeat, max 1.2M
  • Wormhole at the top
    • Want an extra ball or to play a mega multiball? Blast the ball into the top hole when the Extra Ball or Mega Multi lights are on.
    • Score 1M + 200K per repeat, max 2.4M


  • A capture in the lowest hole unlocks access to the next higher hole.
  • Fly through 10 ramps to open access to the pin and thrusters will move your ball at warp speed up the Cargo Lane.
  •  Rollover
    • Score 150K if you hit the Wormhole Cargo Lane rollover but don’t manage a capture.


Check out mission control to see which Mission is selected. Change the Mission by hitting Bumpers

Start the selected Mission with a capture in the Space Station when it is lit.

  • Light up the Space Station by hitting the Lower Left Pin
  • Temporarily light the Space Station with a direct shot up the left Ramp

Score an end-of-ball bonus of 250K for each completed Mission



Missions that require you to complete a task:

  • “LOOP”: for 30 seconds the Inner Gravity Loop scores 400K and the Big Loop scores 250K. Completes at the end of the 30 seconds.
  • “TARGET”: Lasts 30 seconds. Targets score 10x normal points. Hit 8 Targets before time expires to complete the Mission.
  • “RAMPS”: Lasts 30 seconds. Hit 4 Ramps before time expires to complete the Mission.

Missions that complete immediately with the Space Station capture:

  • “1M”: Score 1M.
  • “EXTRA”: Light Extra Ball for the Wormhole Cargo Lane hole.
  • “MULTI”: Drops all the shields to the multiball capture, readying it for you to target.
  • “DEFEND”: Lights the first unlit DEFEND letter.
  • “BOOST”: Lights the first unlit BOOST letter.
  • “3M”: Score 3M.
  • “MAX”: Advances all Bumpers to max state.
  • “LOCK”: Activates the LOCK for the Left Outlane Capture to lock your ball and release it on the loss of the current ball.


“SPECIAL”: complete all the Missions to light the last SPECIAL mission

  • Score 6M points
  • Light Mega Multi for the top Cargo Lane hole
  • End of Ball Bonus Multiplier sets to max
  • Resets all the Missions back to default so you can try them again


The Captain’s Log gives these instructions to light all the DEFEND letters and start the Defend mini-game:

  • D – Blast both yellow Targets on the bottom right
  • E – Make your way to the Multiball capture
  • F – 2 Inner Gravity Loops in a row
  • E – Strike the standalone precision shot Target in the middle of the table
  • N – Any Combo
  • D – 10x Bumpers

Don’t forget, you can also light the first unlit letter if you complete the “Defend” Mission.

You’ve triggered the minigame? Well careful what you wish for – now it’s you versus aliens and you have to defend the galaxy. Shoot down UFOs by hitting targets. It takes 3 Target hits to annihilate each UFO. Score 250K points for each UFO you eliminate. The alien onslaught lasts for 45 seconds, but you can add 5 seconds to your alien defense time with each Ramp you ride during the minigame.


The Captain’s Log also has the instructions for lighting BOOST:

  • B – Get into the bottom hole in the Wormhole Cargo Lane
  • O – Hit every Target
  • O – Fly through 5 Ramps
  • S – Achieve 5 Space Station captures
  • T – Push the Mining Gauge level to the max

Lighting it up will certainly boost your score: you’ll get another ball in play and score 2x points on Targets, the Ramp and Bumpers for as long as both balls remain in play. The extra scoring applies in addition to any other bonuses



Shoot around the Big Loop, immediately use the top flipper to hit around the Inner Gravity Loop and then glide into the Lower Left Pin. Score 250K

Right Inlane to Left Ramp entrance to Wormhole Cargo Lane. Score 500K and bragging rights