Smash through over 50 levels of different brick configurations. Discover hidden balls with special powers.

Part pinball, part satisfying destruction. All fun.




  1. Bust all the bricks
  2. Deliver remaining balls into the finish hole
  3. Advance to the next level


Easy as that. Except the balls speed up the longer you play. And you may get obsessed with beating “just one more level.”


  • Skillshot to break the highlighted brick on launch: 250K


  • Destroy a brick: 5K
  • Hit a brick without destroying it: 1K


  • Smash a highlighted brick: 25K
  • Smash a second highlighted brick in the same level: 30K
  • Smash a third highlighted brick in the same level: 35K
  • Smash a fourth…. You get the idea. Max 75K


  • Capture any bonus ball: 50K
  • Hit a bumper: 5K
  • Bounce off a slingshot: 1K
  • Light all bottom rollovers: 75K



  • Hit a target: 8K
  • Light all 3 targets: 75K



  • Complete a level: 150K
  • End of ball bonus: 2.5K per brick destroyed




Some bricks contain special bonus balls hidden in them. Break those bricks to release the bonus balls.

Different bonus balls are different colors and have different effects on the game.  Appearance of the balls is randomized so it’s always a surprise.


Capture the bonus ball in the hole that matches the color of the ball to score 50K points and activate the ball’s power.


Lose the normal ball while there is a bonus ball in play and the bonus ball immediately disappears.




Commonly occurring bonus balls:

  • Green: +1 saves


  • Red: extra flipper that lasts for 60 seconds
  • White: slows down the ball speed (which accumulates over time)
  • Yellow: will spawn a bonus bumper in the location the ball was captured

Less commonly seen bonus balls:

  • Orange: +1 end-of-ball multiplier 


  • Bright pink: Multiball!
  • Magenta: blocker between the flippers. Last for 30 seconds. Note – it is hard to distinguish this one from the bright pink multiball because our developer appears to be color challenged.


Rare but awesome bonus balls:

  • Purple: early exit opens the finish hole to advance to the next level without breaking all the bricks in the current level
  • Blue: extra ball – the sasquatch of Brix




  • Pins in the outlanes push the balls back into play as long as you have "Saves" left
  • When you are out of Saves, access to the pins is blocked and the ball drains away if it rolls down the outlane
  • Nuts and bolts of the Saves:
    • Start with 3
    • Earn 1 with each new ball
    • Collect more with the green bonus balls




  • Autosave for balls lost before making [2 hits on anything on the table (brick, target, bumper)] or 20 seconds


  • Checkpoints
    • Each new game of Brix starts over at level 1 unless you have acquired Checkpoints.
    • Once you have purchased ANY Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded table, you can get checkpoints with tickets
    • Checkpoints are in 5 level increments and you can only get ones for levels you’ve already conquered


  • When you shatter a high scoring highlighted brick, the highlight moves to another brick unless there are less than 5 bricks left. It also moves automatically after 10 seconds.


  • How will you annoy yourself the most while playing Brix? Clear all the bricks in a level but lose the ball before shooting it into the finish hole to advance. Trust us on this one.