Navigate the seas and produce the most sought after goods to become an 18th century shipping tycoon. 

Chop the wood. Mine the ore. Mill the grain. Catch the fish.  But keep your focus on the most in demand goods to fetch the best prices and maximize the score.

Oh, and evade the pirates to deliver to market.  Because of course there are pirates.



Tradewinds has an East (right) and West (left) side to the table, each representing a different economy and market.  Complete various shots on one side of the table to collect resources (ore, grain, timber, fish) and turn them into finished goods for sale. Once a good is fully ready for sale, it must be delivered to the market on the other side of the table. 


The points scored for a commodity depend on supply and demand. Only those who strategize to manipulate the values of the goods will succeed in scoring enough to become a shipping tycoon.

The more you hit a shot for a particular commodity, the lower its point value will be. However, it will also raise the value of shots for the other commodities.  When you cause demand for a particular commodity to fluctuate in the West, demand for that commodity will also move in the same direction in the East (though not by as much – the resources happen to be different varieties in the two markets), and vice versa.

The gauges in the center of the playfield track the relative value of shots associated with the different commodities.  And once a resource has been collected and prepared for sale, the value of its delivery is also visible on the scoreboard. Watch how it increases as other commodities are collected, or decreases if you stockpile the same resource!


Collect each commodity and score its current value with a basic shot. Once you complete enough of the basic shots, you have the resources to begin the advanced mode to prepare the goods for market.  Each commodity has a gauge or visible representation near its collection point to help you see how well you are progressing with the basic shots. The two markets create different goods from the difference commodity varieties, so the advanced modes are different.



Basic – Log the Timber

Bounce around in the bumper forests.

Advanced - West

Craft artisan furniture:

  1. Hit the two targets under the forest to cut the timber to size

  2. Send the ball around the right orbit to fit the furniture

The future antiques are ready to send to the East.

Advanced - East

Make paper with a few shots to the top:

  1. Send the ball through the watermill so that it continues to the right to turn the timber to pulp

  2. Reverse that shot and send the ball around the top using the right side route to screen the pulp

  3. Send the ball back through the watermill but this time so that it continues to the left and strikes the top target to press the paper and finish the job


Basic – Mine the Ore

Strike the red rocks in the mining shafts to collect ore, and release additional balls trapped in the shafts.

Advanced - West

Smith master craft swords out of the newly mined ore:

  1. A shot over the rollover that is in the lane to the Castle Capture to heat up the forge

  2. Three trips to the forge

  3. Finish the swords with a shot to the left lane ramp

Voila – the swords are ready to ship to the East.

Advanced - East

Cut the ore into gems by hitting all the targets on the cutting and polishing machine.  That’s all it takes to create pretty, shiny things to sell in the West.


Basic – Mill the Grain

Shoot through the windmill and watermill to make them spin and mill all the grain.

Advanced - West

Prepare and package animal feed with a few ramp runs:

  1. Ride to the mill once from each side

  2. Seal the packages with a shot to the right lane ramp


Advanced - East

Bake the bread:

  1. Mix up the dough with shots to the right and left lane ramps

  2. Bake it up with a Castle Capture shot

The West is going to eat this up – they don’t care about gluten!


Basic – Catch the Fish

Hit the targets indicated by blinking fish to collect bait fish in preparation for deep sea fishing.

Advanced - East and West

Once the deep sea fishing expedition begins, roll the ball over the rare fish swimming by to net big bucks at the fish market.


When an advanced commodity mode has been completed, the Special Delivery becomes available to ship the goods to the other market and earn the payoff for your hard work. The better you’ve managed supply and demand, the higher the points. 


Delivery fundamentals:

  • Send the ball to the other market then make the Castle Capture shot to complete delivery

  • The direct sailing route between the East and West triggers a mini-game – navigate the ship through rocky waters to evade pirates.  Or open up the Smuggler’s Passage to go directly to the other side without having to deal with those pesky pirates

  • Complete multiple goods before making a Special Delivery and they will all stack up on your ship, scoring extra on delivery 

  • Travel between the East and West is temporarily unavailable during multiballs

Cancellation of Special Delivery:

  • Lost ball

  • If pirates catch you, they'll steal your shipment

  • You make it to the destination market but return to the original market before making delivery

If delivery is cancelled, you keep your end-of-ball bonus for preparing the goods, but won’t earn any delivery points.



Difficulty level

  • Increases based on the value of your cargo (they like their booty!)

  • Also increases if you eluded them on the previous run

  • Decreases if they captured you on the previous run

  • Represented by the number of Jolly Rogers illuminated under the center capture between the East and West


  • Scoring is based on the difficulty: more points for taking more risks

  • A Perfect run (don’t hit any rocks) gives a 1.2x score multiplier

  • A Speedy run (finishing with a great time) gives a 1.2x score multiplier

  • A Perfect + Speedy run gives a 1.5x score multiplier

Ship upgrades to help you outrun the pirates

  • Track improved steering and boosts on the Ship Stats panel in the middle of the table

  • Improve the ship’s steering by lighting all rollovers in the bumper forest in the West

    • Light all rollovers in the bumper forest in the West to get one steering credit on the stats panel.

    • Steering improves incrementally with each additional steering credit

  • Boost the ship for a bigger head start versus the pirates

    • Light all rollovers in the bumper forest in the East to get one boost credit on the stats panel, with the possibility of banking up to 8 credits

    • 2 credits equals 1 Boosts available

    • 5 credits equals 2 Boosts available

    • Use the Boost button in the mini game to activate

  • After each pirate run, lose 40% of the steering and boost credits



When an advanced commodity mode has been completed and Special Delivery is available, you can open the Smuggler’s Passage.

  • Two small piles of coins light up on the table

  • Target the coins to light up two more small piles

  • Target those two and you can smuggle your goods directly to other market instead of going through the pirates

  • Passage triggers and the passage are temporarily unavailable during multiballs

  • The passage itself is hidden (because smugglers – duh), so just aim for the lit, huge pile of coins to make your way into the passage

  • Traveling through the passage scores 50K



Complete the advanced mode for all the commodities on one side of the table to enable the Wizard Mode.  The finished goods need to be ready for Special Delivery and can be delivered, but do not have to be actually delivered.

West – Trigger the Lighthouse Multiball.

Once the Wizard Mode is enabled in the West, the Lighthouse captures the next four balls that hit it. Send the ball up the ramp from either side to capture it four times to trigger the multiball.


East – Trigger the Shore Leave Multiball.

Enabling the Wizard Mode in the East opens four captures on the playfield. Capture one ball in each to start the multiball.

The Multiball

  • 4 colored balls launch to replace the normal ball. The balls match the commodities:

    • Green = timber

    • Red = ore

    • Yellow = grain

    • Blue = fish

  • All the basic commodity shots are enabled and worth extra points

  • Use the matching ball for a basic commodity shot (such as hit the ore with the red ball) to earn extra extra points

  • Duration

    • During the first 20 seconds, lost balls magically replenish

    • After the first 20 seconds, the Wizard Mode continues indefinitely as long as at least 3 balls remain in play.  Well, not indefinitely indefinitely – if you manage to keep at least 3 balls in play for an extended length of time, your crew will grow tired and the final timer to end the Wizard Mode eventually starts

    • When only two colored balls remain the final timer to end the Wizard Mode starts

    • Wizard Mode ends upon the sooner of losing the last colored ball or the final timer reaching zero

Trigger the Wizard Mode in both the East and the West in one game to earn an extra ball.



Light all 5 bottom rollover anchors on either side of the table to trigger a 2x score multiplier for 20 seconds.


  • Complete all target sets on either side to light Market Disruption at the castle.

  • Once it is lit, a trip to the castle

    • Scores 300K if demand gauges for all the commodities are the same

    • Scores fewer points if demand for the different commodities is not equal. How much less depends on how big the demand spread is

    • Raises the value of one commodity. Which commodity depends on which randomly selected Market Disruption you trigger. For example, you might trigger a War, which raises the price of mined ore


You are on your own if you want a comprehensive Lloyds of London shipping policy, but the table does offer more limited insurance coverage.

Activate insurance coverage:

  • West: Light the two center targets twice

  • East: Light the three, lower right targets


  • For 15 seconds after activation, the insurance will save your next drained ball

  • During a multiball, only the last ball is covered by your policy


Both the East and West have normal skill shots, but also have super skill shots.


  • The shot

    • West: pass the ball from the plunger directly to the flipper without passing over the top half of the table or any rollovers. Immediately shoot the right orbit.

    • East: pass the ball from the plunger directly to the flipper without passing over the top half of the table or any rollovers. Immediately shoot the Castle Capture. 

  • The score

    • First time scores 250K

    • Subsequent super shots score 250K plus 200K for each previous super shot in the game


  • The shot: from the plunger, shoot whichever target has a blinking gold star

  • The score: 75K




  • 3 balls per game

  • Autosave for balls lost before reaching [25K or 15 seconds]

  • Access the other side

    • at launch by tapping the flipper of the desired side before launching or

    • while in play by hitting the central capture.  Note: access to the other market is blocked when more than one ball is in play




  • Points per target: 1K

  • Points per target set: 5K

  • Points per slingshot: 500

  • Points per ramp: 2.5K

  • Points per center capture between East and West: 5K

  • Light all East or West anchor rollovers: 10K

  • Light all East or West forest rollovers: 2.5K 

End-of-ball bonus

  • Complete any advanced commodity mode, whether or not the good is successfully delivered: score 50K end-of-ball bonus

  • Travel over every ramp on the table (both East and West) to increase your end-of-ball bonus multiplier. Can increase up to 5x. Resets to 1x on lost ball. 


  • Will save the ball from draining when active.

  • Deactivates each time a ball is saved.

  • Reactivation in both the East and the West:

    • Left outlane: light all targets in the left set

    • Right outlane: light all targets in the right set