Batter up! We’re in for a good one today at the ballpark.

Use targets and the hit ramp to score a home run, but don’t strike out! If you are really good, you can become an All-Star player.  

Welcome to the big leagues.





  • 3 balls per game
  • Autosave for balls lost before reaching 30K or 15 seconds
  • Slingshots score 1K points each hit
  • Gates score 703 points each spin
  • Targets score 2K points each hit
  • Bumpers score 2.5K points each hit
  • Poles score 2.5K points each hit
  • Each loop around the top of the table scores 20K points


  • Hit the target on launch: score 250K points


  • Light all 4 to score 125K


  • Will save the ball from draining when active
  • Deactivates after a ball is saved
  • Reactivate: light all 3 left targets. Also reactivates on lost ball.


  • Will save the ball from draining when active
  • Deactivates after a ball is saved
  • Reactivate: light all 3 right targets. Also reactivates on lost ball.
  • Pin at base of outlane scores 25K points.


  • Light all 4 rollovers at the top to [increase the end of ball bonus multiplier by 2X, 3X or even 4X]
  • Proceed to a higher multiplier by doing it again.
  • Resets to 1X on lost ball


  • Each combo scores 75K points
  • Ramp it up combo: slam the ball over the left ramp and onto the hit ramp within 2 seconds
  • A swing and a miss combo: a line drive up the left ramp and a strike capture within 2 seconds


OK, Slugger, aim for the Hit Ramp to scores lots of points with hits and runs.


No matter how well you swing the bat, or flipper as the case may be, if the Hit Ramp is set to FOUL or CATCH, you won’t get on base.

  • Center targets control the status.
  • 0 -1 targets or 4 targets lit: SAFE status so smash it up the ramp.
  • 2 targets lit: even a line drive up the ramp will be a FOUL ball.
  • 3 targets lit: outfielders won’t drop this CATCH.


When the SAFE light is on and the ball is in your strike zone, swing for the fences – bigger hits earn bigger points.

If the ball doesn’t make it around the ramp for at least one full circle, it’s a foul ball even if the status is SAFE.

After a hit, check the field for runners’ positions.

Hits score end of ball bonus points:

# of times around Type of hit End of ball bonus Bonus for same hit 4X
1 Single 50K 300K
2 Double 100K 400K
3 Triple 150K 500K
4 Home Run 250K 600K
4 with bases loaded Grand Slam 500K 2M


  • Foul ball: 25K points
  • Catch: 10K points
    • Each strike capture scores 10K points.
    • Strikeout with 3 captures and score an additional 30K points.
  • Sacrifice
    • Scores 75K plus an RBI
      • It’s a CATCH when there is a runner on third and the ball goes around the ramp more than once, but not quite twice.
    • Hit 4 Sacrifices and earn a 700K bonus
  • Each run scored: 200K points


  • Hit bumpers to give more oomph to your swing.
  • Each 10 bumper hits increases the speed up the ramp by 1, maximum of 4.
  • Resets when the ball goes up the ramp.
  • Works for all Hit Ramp statuses.


  • Just like on a real grassy field, strikeouts and catches are Outs. And 3 Outs ends the inning.
  • All runners leave the field at the end of an inning.
  • New batter starts with the Hit Ramp Status back to SAFE at the beginning of a new inning.


  • Base runners who can steal:
    • A runner on first or second if there is no runner on the next base.
    • A runner on third base can steal home.
  • While the runners are in place,
    • Light the entire right target set 4 times to steal.
    • Each lighting of the entire set scores 90K.
  • Stealing second or third base scores 250K points.
  • Stealing home scores 500K points.
  • If there are runners on first and third, only the third base runner steals.



  • Turn a Double Play and score 300K points.
  • Required conditions (baseball is complicated):
    • Less than 2 outs
    • There is a runner on second base
  • While the conditions are satisfied,
    • Light the entire left target set 4 times to turn the Double Play.
    • Each lighting of the entire set scores 90K.



  • Turn a Triple Play and score 600K points.
  • Required conditions (yes, still complicated):
    • No outs
    • There are runners on first and second base
  • While the conditions are satisfied,
    • Light the entire left target set 4 times to turn the Triple Play.
    • Each lighting of the entire set scores 90K.


Warm up in the Bullpen and you’ll be ready for a multiball.

  • 4 Bullpen captures adds a ball into play.
  • Two routes to the Bullpen:
    • Left outlane if it is activated and open.
    • Left ramp.  The ramp feeds to the flipper after one trip to the Bullpen. A hit to the pin at the top of the ramp will reopen access to the Bullpen.
  • Each Bullpen capture scores 25K points.


Batting practice can only help the final score.

  • Capture the ball 3 times in the All-Star hole to access the Batting Cage.
  • Each capture scores 35K points.
  • In the cage, practice your swing on 6 pitches.
  • Points earned depends on which basket catches the ball:
    • Walk – 50K
    • Single – 100K
    • Double – 200K
    • Triple – 500K
    • Homerun – 1M
  • When any multiball is triggered, progress toward the Batting Cage is reset.


Only the best end up playing as All Stars.

  • Earn 3X regular points while mode is active.
  • Light the entire All-Star target set 3 times to trigger the mode.
  • Each lighting of the entire set scores 150K.
  • Stars display your progress.
  • The mode lasts for 45 seconds.


It wouldn’t be baseball without a hefty does of superstition.

  • Capture the ball 4 times in the Curse hole to trigger a baseball curse.
  • Each capture scores 20K points.
  • Remove the curse to score an additional 200K points.
  • Three possible curses, randomly selected:
    • Curse of the Bambino – you don’t have to have Babe Ruth on your team to remove the curse. Just make 15 target hits.
    • Curse of the Billy Goat –get 20 bumpers hits to get rid of this jinx. And be nice to goats.
    • The San Diego Curse – 8 poles hits will exorcise this curse from your game, if not from the city itself.
    • Trigger and remove all three curses one time and score and additional 1M points.