Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Step right up to the best Carnival attractions around.

That’s right, folks, we’ve got something for everyone: mini-games, a Haunted Mansion, bumper cars, an arcade and even reverse gravity in the Mirror House.

Don’t miss out while the Carnival is in town!






  • 3 balls per game
  • Autosave for balls lost before reaching 25K or 15 seconds


  • Will save the ball from draining when active
  • Deactivates after a ball is saved
  • Reactivate: light all 3 left targets


  • Will save the ball from draining when active
  • Deactivates after a ball is saved
  • Reactivate: light all 3 center targets


  • Want to make the most of your day at the Carnival? Activate the Multiplier to earn 2X, 4X or even 6X the regular points for ramps, bumpers and targets
  • Trigger the Multiplier by lighting all 3 rollovers at the top. Proceed to a higher multiplier by doing it again.
  • Resets to 1X on lost ball


  • Light all 4 to score 20K


Want to trigger a Multiball? Then find your courage and brave a visit to the HAUNTED MANSION 3 times.


  • Rack up bumper points in the safety of reverse gravity
  • The trap to enter opens with every lost ball or after a 90 second delay, whichever comes first.


Challenge yourself and score more with mini-missions.


  • Capture the ball in the left capture hole to start
  • Only one mini-mission can be played at a time
  • The lights next to the capture hole indicate the current mission
  • 3 possible mini-missions:
    • Hit 15 regular bumpers
    • Hit 10 targets
    • Get 3 captures
  • Score 125K for each mini-mission you complete


The bumper mini-mission was an easy warm-up for the much more challenging Bumper Wizard.


  • Complete all 3 mini-missions in a game to trigger Bumper Wizard.
  • Mirror House bumpers do NOT count towards becoming a Bumper Wizard, so stay at the top of the Carnival.
  • 90 seconds to hit 45 bumpers.  Succeed and earn 3M points plus get one step closer to a Jackpot!


Visit the Carnival’s Arcade to test your skills in TRUCK ATTACK.


  • Capture the ball 3 times in the Arcade hole to trigger Truck Attack
  • Move the car right or left to avoid the oncoming trucks
  • Score 50K for each truck avoided
  • Truck Attack fun ends when you collide with a truck
  • When any multiball is triggered, the Arcade capture is disabled and progress toward Truck Attack is reset


The fourth time you trigger Truck Attack in a game, you get a shot at playing SUPER TRUCK ATTACK

  • "ARCADE" letters light up to show progress toward Super Truck Attack
  • Score 200K for each truck avoided
  • Dodge 7 or more trucks during a Super Truck Attack to get one step closer to a Jackpot!


Take a spin over the ramp and through the gates to amp up your score.


  • Ride the ramp 4 times to trigger Super Spinner Mode
  • SPIN letters light up to show progress toward Super Spinner Mode
  • While the mode is on, focus on spinning the 2 gates in the upper left of the table because each gate spin scores 10x more than usual
  • 70 seconds to get 120 gate spins. Succeed and earn 2M points plus get one step closer to a Jackpot!


How’s your aim?

  • Target sets are located on the left and in the center of the table
  • Light all 3 targets in a set to score 20K and to progress toward Advanced Target Mode
  • Complete each set 3 times to start Advanced Target Mode. Progress is indicated by the semi-circular lights next to the targets.
  • With Advanced Target mode on, complete both target sets again to win 250K and get one step closer to a Jackpot!


If you have a great day at the Carnival, you might hit the Jackpot!

  • To trigger Jackpot, you need 5 successes from any combo of:
    • Bumper Wizard
    • Super Spinner
    • Advanced Target
    • a 7-truck survival in Super Truck Attack 
  • The JACKPOT lights on the left show progress toward triggering
  • What happens when you hit the Jackpot?
    • You immediately get an additional ball and can keep the mode going as long as you keep 2 or more balls on the table
    • Captures increase to 500K points